Summer Time

Posted Jun 7, 2008. Filed under Fanlisting Collective.

I managed a new layout for Dimension since I didn't like the too girly feeling of the last one. This one has really bright colors but has more of a grudge feeling to it, which I really like. Besides the new layout I redid my wishlist so that now I have one for each of the networks like I always wanted to.

New Layout and Codes

Posted May 25, 2008. Filed under Fanlisting Collective, Fanlist: InuYasha: Movie 3.

I decided to give Inu Yasha Movie 3 fanlisting a new layout. The last one was horrible and looked awful in every browser. Even though I used the same image, I think how this layout came out a lot more. I also added a movie summary under the about page and edited a few pages here and there. Of course a revamp wouldn't be complete without some new codes, 32 brand new codes have been added.

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